Beaufort Twilight Run: Official Website | The Cause
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The Cause

The Beaufort Twilight Run supports Riverview Charter School. Over the last 7 years, the BTR has raised over $325,000 which helps minimize the deficit created by lower funding for public charter schools than traditional public schools.


Riverview Charter School (RCS)

RCS is the first charter school in Beaufort, SC, and the only charter school sponsored by the Beaufort County School District. It is a public school, and does not charge for admission nor have any admission requirments other than residing in Beaufort County.

Opened in August 2009, Riverview Charter School’s mission is:

“to create a small, diverse learning community that actively engages students in meaningful and innovative learning experiences. Emphasizing “learning by doing,” family and community involvement, and engaged citizenship, Riverview is committed to nurturing the whole child and preparing each student for a global society.”

At full capacity, it will serve 684 students in grades K-8. For more information about Riverview, please visit view the info sheet and visit our website.


So what does the money we raise from the BTR go towards exactly?

Here are some examples of what the funds are used for:


      • -additional iPads (we’ll need 38 more next year!) & Apple TV systems in the middle school classrooms (which sync to the iPads so the teachers’ iPad can be up on the big screen, etc.)

      • -ongoing professional development opportunities for faculty and staff

      • -additional book titles for classroom libraries and our school-wide guided reading library

      • -replacement science lab kits (since we have to replace the materials and supplies each year)

      • -replacement art supplies (paper, watercolors, pastels…all the stuff that gets used up!)
      • -instruments, costumes and props for our Music and Creative Arts programs

      • -Tidewatch (after school program) scholarships for students who need financial assistance

    • -scholarships for students who need support in participating on field trips